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  • 10 Must-Do's for Marketing Planning
    Marketing plans are the foundation for any successful communication initiative—whether large or small. A well-developed plan can help to ensure focus and results. This white paper offers tips for developing and implementing effective marketing plans based on the best practices and opportunities for improvement we’ve observed with dozens of clients.

  • 35 Easy to Implement Tips for Avoiding Publicity Blunders
    PR—or publicity—can be a great way to raise awareness and increase preference for your products or services. But, there are a number of common mistakes that businesses make when seeking to gain exposure. This white paper offers important tips and guidance to help you avoid those mistakes.

  • 70 Tips for Effective Strategic Planning
    As we’ve worked with clients over the years we’ve developed some core processes that we follow and teach, along with a number of tips that can make the process both easier and more productive. Here we share 10 tips for each of the 7 steps in our recommended strategic planning process.

  • Branding Through Your Employees
    One of the most often overlooked, yet arguably most important means of boosting your brand is through your employees—they’re often the most visible and impactful influencers for your organization. When employees are selected, coached and rewarded effectively they become valuable brand ambassadors for your organization and its products and services.

  • Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan
    Development of a marketing plan can be approached in a variety of ways. Generally, though, the most effective marketing plans will share certain common elements that increase the odds of success. This white paper offers recommended steps to provide focus and direction to your marketing planning process.

  • Using LinkedIn Groups Effectively
    LinkedIn is perhaps the most successful and widely used business-oriented social media resource. Its Groups can add credibility to a user’s account profile, provide an opportunity to make new connections and yield insights and expertise. This white paper offers tips on how to select, and effectively participate in, the right groups.

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"If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."

~ Abraham Maslow

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